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Forms Conversion

Oracle Application Express provides a forms conversion utility. This enables developers to export Oracle Forms based applications to XML using the standard Forms utility, then import the XML into Oracle Application Express.

Once loaded into a Forms conversion project, a subset of the functionality can be automatically generated as an Oracle Application Express application. For logic that is not automatically converted, Oracle Application Express enables developers to track the manual migration of client-side Forms logic.

Access Migration

The Oracle Application Express Migration Workshop assists customers in migrating Microsoft Access applications to Oracle Application Express. It works in harmony with the Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench to provide a total solution for your Access Migration requirements. You first use SQL Developer Migration Workbench to migrate your schema definition and data and then use the Oracle Application Express Migration Workshop to migrate your Access forms and reports. The last step is refining your new application taking advantage of all the power and capabilities of Oracle Application Express.

Spreadsheet Handling

You can use the Data Workshop to quickly upload spreadsheet data directly into the database. Alternatively, you can use the Create Application from Spreadsheet Wizard which both loads the data and produces an application to maintain it into the future. In either method, you can store the data in a new database table or add it to an existing database table. These handy tools enable you to go from spreadsheet to a shared application in just a few clicks.

Websheet applications are designed to enable business users, not developers, to define and manage their own data. Users can create a data grid from a spreadsheet or simply define their own data grid specifying column names and data types. Websheets manage the definition and storage of the data without requiring users to create database objects.