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Oracle Application Express installs with the Oracle Database. Oracle Application Express consists of tables, packaged procedures, functions, JavaScript files, and image files. Depending on how you install, you can run Oracle Application Express 100% within the Oracle database, or, you can choose to serve static files external to the database using a web server.

For specific instructions, see the Oracle Application Express Installation Guide.

Workspace Administration

Oracle Application Express users with workspace administration privileges can control their workspace. Workspace administrators can:

  • Manage Oracle Application Express developers, users and user groups
  • Manage password expiration for Oracle Application Express user accounts
  • Monitor workspace activity using dashboards and detail reports
  • Edit, remove, and view all applications in the workspace
  • Request additional resources from the instance administrator.

Instance Administration


Instance administration allows for management of the entire Oracle Application Express application development service. Capabilities include:

  • Provisioning new workspaces
  • Approving and declining service requests
  • Monitoring and reporting on workspace activity
  • Controlling global security settings
  • Configuring available functionality